Organic Bentonite: YH-2

Product features

YH-2 is a new kind of organic bentonite with the properties of easy dispersion and self-activation. It can be used in medium to high polar solvent systems(such as ester, ketone,alcohol,ether etc.). It is widely applied in the fields of anti- corrosion paint,marine paint, industrial decorative paint, auto-primer, adhesive and sealing materials etc.

Appearance and physicochemical indexes


White powder

Loss on ignition


Fineness, ≦ 45um(325 mesh)

≧ 95%

Moisture content



≧ 0.9Pa.s

Use method

YH-2  is unnecessary to be used as pre-gel. It can be directly added during any period of the preparation process of coatings and inks. Compared with ordinary products, it has better efficiency and the dosage is less.

The amount of YH-2 is usually 0.2-2.0% of the system(by weight).

Suitable solvents:

It can be used in the following solvent mixture systems:alcohol,ketone(more than 4 carbon atoms), polythene glycol, glycol ethylene ether, propylene carbonate and aliphaticn, aromatic hydrocarbon, phthalate, plant oil etc. If the above systems are mixed with methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, butanol, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, ethyl acetate, YH-2 can present better performance. Generally, the amount of the high polar solvent should not be more than 20% of the solvent system.

Package and storage:

The package consists of external package(Kraft paper bag)and internal package(polyethylene film bag).The value bag is also available and the weight is usually 25 ± 0.25Kg.The package can also be customized. If stored in dry place and kept packaged(at the temperature of 0°C-3 0 °C),the organic bentonite is effective within 36 months.