Organic Bentonite: YH-X3

Product  features

YH-X3 organic bentonite is a kind of new type organic clay with the properties of easy dispersion and  high thixotropy. It can be used in low to medium and part of high polarity system. The high-speed shearing dispersion just need very small amount of activator. It has excellent properties of anti-sediment and anti-sagging.

Appearance, physical and chemical indexes


Pale yellow  powder

Loss on ignition

47 ~ 51%

Fineness,   ≤45um (325 mesh)


Moisture content

0.8 ~ 3.5%

Operation  method

YH—X3 does not to be used as pre-gel, it can be directly added into any steps of the processing of coating and ink preparation. It has higher effectiveness of application than the normal products, so you need to reduce the amount when use it.

The amount of YH-X3 added into the system is generally 0.2-2.0% of total weight.

Packiaging and storage

The package consists of external package (brown paper bag) and internal package (polyethylene film bag). The valve bag is also available and the weight is usually 25 ± 0.25Kg. The package can also be customized. If stored in dry place and kept packaged (at the temperature of 0 ℃ ~30 ℃ ), the organic bentonite is effective within 36 months.