YH-EW-2 water-based bentonite rheological additive

The characteristics of the product

YH-EW-2 water-based bentonite rheological additive is a purification of modified montmorillonite clay.It is a kind of highly-efficient water-based inorganic gel.It is widely used in thickening,suspension and rheology-control of water-based coating.YH-EW-2 is a clay with feature of gray white,toxic tasteless,soft tasteless,wide PH range etc.It is highly-leveling powder.

It is good thickening,emulsion stabilizer,rheological additive of water-based system.It can be used in water-based latex paint take effects of anti-settling, suspension, thixotropy and latex stabilizing.In daily chemical,it plays a role of thickeners and suspension.It can be also used in  pesticides.

Physicochemical index


Grey white powder

Moisture(105℃,2 H)


Fineness (<0076mm)


The pH value (2% aqueous solution)


Bulk density(g/cm3)


Use method

In the production process of coating,you’d better to make pre-gel firstly,method as below:


YH-EW-2(radio:2-10%,Uniform feeding,avoid sticky wall,high speed dispersing 20-30 minutes)

Waiting for 8-24 hours

High speed dispersing for 5-10 minutes

Put the gel into the system according to ratio

The amount of YH-EW-2 is usually 2-10% of the system(by weight),but it also can be add according to your own needs.

Package and Storage

The package consists of external(kraft paper bag)and internal package(polyethylene film bag)the valve bag is also available and the weight is usually 250.2kg,the package can also be customized,the package should be stored in dry place(at the temperature of 0℃-30℃).