YH-EP Paper making bentonite

YH series bentonite has high whiteness, good dispersion fineness, good water swelling property, large cation exchange capacity and good retention and drainage effect.In the paper industry, many papers are required to add a certain amount of filler to improve some properties of the paper. Bentonite for paper making is an effective resin barrier control agent. Bentonite in the paste by a large number of adsorption of positively charged electrolyte, and negatively charged fiber to form a bridging effect, so that it retained in the fiber. The addition of bentonite to the beater or pulper increases the pigment retention in the paper and improves the uniformity of pigment distribution in the paper. The addition of bentonite has better water absorbency than talc, which has no adverse effect on the paper making process and is found to reduce the adhesion of the slurry to the slurry tank in use, thereby reducing the resulting slurry fouling. Bentonite can absorb small fibers and other small substances, reduce the concentration of white water emitted by paper manufacturers to reduce pollution.

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